Friday, January 21, 2022


Black Fungus cases in Andhra Pradesh rises to 3,364

Of the total cases reported, only 1,418 were now active after 1,635 patients had recovered.

MSN Labs launches Posaconazole to treat black fungus

Posaconazole is a triazole antifungal agent indicated for treating mucormycosis detected among patients who are recovering from Covid-19.

Black fungus posing fresh challenges to health care facilities in Telangana

At present, over 50 patients are admitted to the ENT Hospital in Koti and receiving treatment while more admissions are expected in the coming days.

Telangana: Apply online for drugs to treat Black fungus

Individuals who need Amphotericin B, Posaconazole and Isavuconazole, all meant for treatment of the fungal infection, have to send their request to

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