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Increased screen time, especially during the lockdown, may have an impact on one’s eye sight

By   |  Published: 22nd May 2020  6:56 pmUpdated: 22nd May 2020  6:57 pm

It’s not the balcony window that we look at anymore but our laptop windows to browse and binge-watch the whole day. Lockdown has forced us to be glued to our screens 24/7.“Be it children taking online classes and playing online games or adults working from home and watching movies. Everyone is on the digital media where the screen time is on the rise.

However, this not only hampers our daily routine but also our vision. Spending enormous time on screen can have a profound impact on our eyes,” explains ophthalmologist D Priyanka who runs her own eye clinic in Banjara Hills. She shares tips on how to take care of our eyes amidst this pandemic:

Blink frequently

We tend to stare at the screen which, in turn, makes us blink less often. Blinking moistens the eyes that further reduces dryness. Stick a note to remind yourself to blink

20-20-20 rule

For every 20 minutes, take a break of 20 seconds and look at the distant objects which are 20 feet away. This helps in relaxing the eye muscles and decrease the accommodative stress.

Adjust monitor/phone settings

Brightness and contrast of your screen need to be adjusted. Increase the font size to your eye comfort level. Always remember that your screen should not be brighter than your outdoors. If possible, adjust your display settings to reduce the colour temperature of your screen which helps in reducing the amount of blue light that is emitted by your screen.

Eye sight correction

People using contact lens are advised to switch to glasses while using computers for a long period of time as they are more likely to end up with dry eyes.

Eat healthy

Omega 3 fatty acids naturally lubricate the eyes and are commonly found in flax seeds, fish, chia seeds, walnuts, and soya beans. Apart from the above, intake of leafy vegetables, eggs, dairy products, carrot, almonds, and fruits are also good for maintaining healthy eyes.

Balanced sleep-wake cycle

Due to excessive blue light emitted from the digital screens, the sleep-wake cycle (Circadian rhythm) might be disturbed. To prevent this, it is better to stop using digital devices at least one hour before going to bed for a good night’s sleep.

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