Tales of train travel

Make sure you follow these basic rules if you prefer rail to road or air travel.

By Author  |  Published: 26th Aug 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 27th Aug 2017  12:40 am

Train journey is nothing less than an adventure. Be it a day or night journey, staying in a train with strangers is a little difficult. But, as they are your co-passengers, you need to be patient with them. It is also important to give them their space and respect them, irrespective of how they are. Try and be a good co-passenger.

The etiquette does not apply only when you are inside the train; there are some rules that we can put into practice when we are on the platform waiting for the train. So, here are a few things that one can do.

Arrive before the expected time
It is always better to reach the station a little ahead. This way, you will have some time for yourself to reach the correct platform. It will also help you to get to the train without any hurry if you have too much of luggage. Reaching the station in the last minute will put you through all the rush and you may also miss the train, if you get late. It is always better to avoid such situations. Arriving beforehand to the station is always beneficial.

Respect others’ space
Once you board the train, it becomes important to respect others’ space. It is not confined to seats, but there are many other things that one should keep in mind. Do not dump your entire luggage under the seats, just because you have too many pieces. There are other people as well who would want to tuck in their luggage under the seats. Keep your personal matters to yourself and never interfere in others’ matters. Until and unless they ask you for something, do not get involved in the conversation.

Keep them tidy
The foremost thing that one should follow is to keep the train(s) tidy. Do not throw or spill anything on the floor. It is not just yours but everyone’s responsibility to keep the train clean. Do not hesitate to tell people at least to not throw anything in your area. Keep a trash bag handy and you can always offer it to others when they need it.