Taslima Nasreen’s ‘Shameless’ to be out next month

The explosive work is believed to be uncompromising and heart-breaking

By   |  Published: 27th Mar 2020  6:40 pm

Controversial author Taslima Nasreen’s sequel to her banned work Lajja will be published in English next month, more than 10 years after it was written.In fact, Shameless has never been published in its original Bengali, or any other language, until very recently, when a Hindi translation was brought out. It talks about communal tensions in India and the deep scars they leave on individual lives.

'Lajja' sequel According to publishers HarperCollins India, the book is an “explosive sequel” to Lajja and an “uncompromising, heart-breaking look at ordinary people’s lives in our troubled times”.Taslima wrote the sequel during the time she lived in Kolkata before she had to leave the city forever. The book has been translated from Bengali by Arunava Sinha. Lajja dealt with the alleged persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh after the demolition of the Babri Masjid.

At the end of the novel, Suranjan Datta and his family relocated to Kolkata, hoping to find a safe haven.Shameless takes forward the story of Suranjan and his family — his mother Kiranmayee and his sister Maya — as they struggle to eke out a living in Kolkata, poor, rootless, and the victims of a violence so brutal that it has scarred them forever.

Into their lives comes the real-life Taslima, living in exile in Kolkata under police protection herself. She tries to understand these people as they try to adapt to their new world, and as she tries to adapt to hers.