Tech to scale up healthcare

TS to streamline patient services through use of tech tools at government hospitals

By Author  |  Published: 23rd Jul 2018  12:01 amUpdated: 22nd Jul 2018  11:24 pm

Hyderabad: For the first time in the country, health authorities in Telangana are preparing ground to scale up their e-Hospital Management Services (e-HMS), aimed at adopting technology to improve healthcare facilities at State-run hospitals.

By implementing e-HMS, the State is also first in the country to adopt SNOMED (Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine and Clinical Terms) tool to simplify patient services and provide citizen information screens and mobile kiosks at government hospitals.

Patients at Gandhi Hospital will now be able to access information related to their lab investigations and several other services in mobile phones. The e-HMS, being implemented on a pilot basis in the hospital, will also enable lab technicians to directly upload the test results on a portal, which can now be remotely accessed by patients.

The programmers at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), which is collaborating with the State government for e-HMS project, have also developed a software-interface that makes high-end diagnostic machines to ‘communicate’ with hospital management system.

Highly advantageous

“The advantage of such a system is that the test results of patients will directly land on to the hospital management system. This means, the lab technicians do not have to collect and feed the test results into the e-HMS system. Later, they will be directly sent to doctor for validation before being available to patients,” explains Project Manager, CDAC, Abdul Haleem Syed.

healthcareWhile such unique patient-based technologies and features exist in private diagnostic facilities, this is for the first time that they are available at a State-run hospital. The e-HMS facility is under implementation on a pilot basis at Gandhi Hospital, District Hospital in King Koti and Area Hospital in Malakpet.

“Some of our services are far better and highly evolved than what is being offered at private hospitals. However, the challenge for us now is to ensure that our patients use these facilities,” the CDAC project manager said.

Till patients learn how to download their reports and understand other features of e-HMS system, the front-desk at the hi-tech laboratory, which was inaugurated recently, will continue to provide hard copies of all investigations.

Real-time access

Another feature that is unique to e-HMS is that it will enable patients check the status of bed availability in various wards in real time. Patients or anybody who has registered with the web portal will have direct real-time access to information related to beds.

The CDAC developers have also made the entire system SNOMED compliant. Officials said that SNOMED is a unique software that reduces duplication of data entry and also ensures recording medical data in a consistent way. According to health authorities, this is for the first time in India that a State-run hospital has adopted such a technology.

Officials said that the software was needed to develop a comprehensive high-quality clinical content in health records. “It essentially provides a standard way to represent clinical phrases captured by the clinician and enables automatic interpretation of them,” doctors said.