Telangana: BC status likely for 18-23 castes

Commission for Backward Classes to submit report recommending their inclusion in BC list by July-end

By   |  Published: 1st Jul 2019  1:27 amUpdated: 1st Jul 2019  1:28 am

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Commission for Backward Classes which has been entrusted with the responsibility of studying the sociological condition of BC communities, is getting ready to submit its report by the end of July. Even as some 30 castes and sub-castes have made their requests for inclusion in the BC list, the Commission is likely to recommend 18 to 23 of them to be accorded BC status. Only the castes that genuinely merit the consideration would figure in the final draft, sources said.

“The population of all the castes and sub-castes being examined for according BC status would not be more than 2 lakhs. They are leading a nomadic and semi-nomadic lifestyle. Some of the castes do not even have a single person who has completed high school education. They have not availed any reservation benefits so far. They do not have their own houses. Mostly, they would merit consideration for BC-D status. Their inclusion will not cost the reservation benefits of any of the existing BC communities,” the sources told Telangana Today.

The Commission, that was constituted under the chairmanship of social scientist and writer B S Ramulu in October 2016, toured the State extensively in the past two-and-half years, and gathered data extensively on the socio- economic conditions of different communities that deserved inclusion in the list of BCs. Many of the 30 communities that approached the Commission seeking their inclusion in the list are in fact at the lowest ebb of the social strata. Application was submitted by “Sadana Surula” community seeking inclusion in the BC list. Their total number will not be more than 500. But they have already been availing the caste certificates as Padmasali community. Now they are not keen on pursuing their issue further because their purpose is more or less served. The demand for the BC status is owed to the establishment of new residential schools for the BCs with good infrastructure in a big way in the State, said sources.

The Commission members had already taken up the conditions that the social grouping concerned are living in with the Chief Minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao, during their interaction with him on several occasions. He is also keen on acting on the recommendation of the Commission, they said. The Commission had completed a major part of its study and documentation exercise and it is all set to embark on preparation of its draft recommendations.
The five member commission, which received memoranda and representations from the caste organisations, had several round of discussions with their leaders. After completion of five day long public hearing exercise, that commenced on Saturday, it will hasten up the work process.

In fact there was no effort to study the socio-economic conditions of the different communities since 2011. It started only with the present committee in Telangana after it attained Statehood.
The TS Commission for BCs had initially focused on study of the socio economic conditions of the minorities and based on the recommendation made in its first report, the State government passed the “Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Reservation Bill, 2017” for hiking quota for backward Muslims to 12 per cent (and STs to 10 per cent).

The castes requesting inclusion in the BC list include Bagothula, Boppala, Ganjikutivaru, Srikshatriya Ramajogi, Enoooti, Gurrapuvaurulu, Rumja, Panasa, Pekkara, Pandavulavaru, Gouda Jetti, aadi Kodikulu, Thera Cheerala, Manda Hechchlu, Paapala, Sannayollu/ Bathina, Sarollu, Aravakomati, Tholubommalata vaaru, Kulla Kadagi, Bail Kammara, Aheer and Govili.