Telangana govt to double Higher Education budget

The Minister said also assured that 1,060 vacancies in 11 universities in Telangana for teaching and non-teaching staff would be filled this year itself and another 500 would be filled next year.

By Author  |  Published: 7th Dec 2017  1:05 am
Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari

Mahabubnagar: Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Education Kadiam Srihari announced that the State government was planning to double the budget for Higher Education from Rs 420 crore this year to Rs 800 crore in the next year’s budget.

He also assured that 1,060 vacancies in 11 universities in Telangana for teaching and non-teaching staff would be filled this year itself and another 500 would be filled next year.

Addressing the students of Palamuru University after inaugurating the newly built science block and laying foundation stones for the construction of Examination Branch, the Vice-chancellor’s residence and a convention centre, he promised that a lion’s share in next year’s budget would be given to Palamuru University for creating infrastructure and facilities.

He told the students that in the past universities in Telangana were set up hastily without taking into consideration the requirements for infrastructure, staff and facilities, the reason why education standards in various universities came down. To address this problem, he said that the State was taking a demand-driven approach to plan and establish departments in various universities instead of just opening new departments for namesake, the way it has been done in the past.

He said that Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s idea was to first strengthen and stabilize the already existing institutions before trying something new and that the entire focus of CM was on the students coming from the weaker sections.

He felt that the Central government was not doing enough to develop infrastructure and in providing facilities to students of various Central government institutions like NITs, HCU and so on. Due to this, he observed that research development and human resource development could take a hit.

He hoped the Centre would increase investment in the education sector by increasing budget for universities- following the example of Government of Telangana.

He told the faculty of Palamuru University to keep upgrading their teaching skills constantly and be equipped with the latest information pertaining to their subject using technology.

In his signature teaching style, he also had some words of wisdom for the students of Palamuru University. Pointing-out that Indians in the USA and Europe with expertise in Mathematics and English had become CEOs in the fortune 500 companies, he said there was an edge for our people (mostly Telugus) to go to the top positions abroad. He told the students to improve on and rigorously study the subject of their choice, whatever it could be and get a command on that subject so that they need not roam around for jobs and instead companies could approach them for jobs recognizing the students’ technical and personality skills.

“There are many opportunities. You need to be among the top ten when you apply for a job or take a test. University campus life of a student is known to be the golden era. It is up to you whether you want to work hard during these 3 to 4 years and make the rest of your lives comfortable or otherwise,” he concluded saying so.

District Collector Ronald Rose, Palamuru University Vice-chancellor B Rajaratnam, Mahabubnagar MP Jithender Reddy, MLAs V Srinivas Goud, Guvvala Balraju, Rajender Reddy, ZP Chairman Bandari Bhaskar, District Libraries Committee Chairman Rajeshwar Goud and others participated in the event.