Telangana NRIs need not worry about land survey: Vakati Karuna

By Author  |  Published: 9th Oct 2017  12:03 amUpdated: 9th Oct 2017  9:50 pm
Vakati Karuna
File Photo: Director for Public Health and Family Welfare, Vakati Karuna.

Jeddah: Many NRIs in Gulf countries hailing from Telangana are apprehensive about ongoing land survey back home to determine ownership. The lack of information regarding the survey is adding fuel to speculations and confusing further many abroad.

Some of Telangana NRIs are desperately seeking information and a few are travelling back home to update their land records to prove the ownership.

NRIs, who inherited properties and also purchased with incomplete revenue records, are demanding not to update the records without considering their version and until land disputes between partners and family members were resolved. Allaying concerns, land records updating mission director Vakati Karuna said, “NRIs who are living abroad need not panic.”

Speaking to Telangana Today over the phone, the official told that NRIs need not visit India for upgrading their land records. She said that revenue officials simply provide the certified copy of land record which is known as 1B (Record of Right) to owners concerned. If any discrepancies found, they can complain it to revenue officials without their physical presence.

The director told that after proper enquiry, record will be updated and once again corrected copy will be served to land owner, she explained.

Karuna advised that NRIs can contact information centre in Hyderabad on 00914023201347 for any enquiry about the land record survey.

The official said the government was making preparations to be present on social media space, including Facebook, to reach all stakeholders including those abroad.

The cleansing of records will also resolve land disputes permanently and simplify the registration process, and bring transparency in land registration in future.

Most of NRIs who spend short time back home during their vacation are simply confining to sale deed registration, ignoring other important elements such land mutation and updation with Revenue Department.