Telangana to use data analytics for Covid-19 related decision making

The system provided by Sapio currently provides granular recommendations of hyper-local lockdown or exit plans, while optimising impact on economy, society and spread of virus.

By   |  Published: 19th Jun 2020  12:08 amUpdated: 18th Jun 2020  9:29 pm
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Hyderabad: Sapio Umbrella, a unit of government advisory firm Sapio Analytics, is delivering a decision support system to support Telangana in its fight against Covid-19. Its team, consisting of over 500 experts across various domains including economy, social sciences, data analysis, data sciences, epidemiology, molecular biology, web and mobile applications are working together to provide recommendations driven by data that can help optimise the impact on economy, society and the virus.

Ashwin Srivastava, co-founder, Sapio Analytics told Telangana Today, “Nobel Laureate Dr Michael Levitt is doing research with us and Padma Bhushan Ela Bhatt is working with us on the economic impact on the bottom of the pyramid and related aspects. Col H R Naidu Gade, recognised for his organisation winning Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, is helping us on security and other related social impact. Members of our Economic Advisory Team are working on an advanced granular economic impact model. All these experts and hundreds of other domain experts are working to help provide optimum recommendations to Telangana with respect to various socio-economic and lockdown related decisions, using deep data analytics, involving millions of data points.”

He informed, “We are closely working with Telangana IT and Industries principal secretary Jayesh Ranjan. Telangana government is very keen to study the impact on economy on a very ‘local’ level and evaluate how each sector is impacted. The data primarily belongs to the government.”

The system provided by Sapio currently provides granular recommendations of hyper-local lockdown or exit plans, while optimising impact on economy, society and spread of virus. Its focus on granular economic impact across industries, services and agriculture, and on social impact across crime, essential supplies and water supply, helps create a plan for revival of economy and upliftment of society while ensuring Covid-19 spread is limited.

A pilot for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation and Karimnagar Municipality has already been delivered. The team is now developing a dashboard on the State-level data points for scientifically planned reopening of economy, by correlating it with factors such as labour criticality, labour availability, raw material supply, logistics, working capital availability, extent of demand, of primarily nine sectors as defined by the government including agriculture, construction, trade, hotels, mining, etc.

An analytical study on these factors can help determine the impact on GDP as well as productivity of the industries on a hyper-local level.

“Telangana is a State that respects the power of data and technology. It’s excellence in the field of new age technologies shall form the basis of our future. Acceptance of the power of data in decisions is an integral step towards the same. Furthermore, we are also developing an industry engagement platform, which can take data points right from the industries involved and make the model more robust, thereby, making Telangana one of the States to deploy maximum efforts on technology through this initiative,” adds Hardik Somani, COO, Sapio Analytics.

Srivastava added, “We are going to conduct an industry engagement survey. We want to carry out a proper economy impact study by looking at several data points. We will be using normalisation tools to normalise each data point to bring to a common format or a platform.”
Telangana had recently received support from a Nasscom Task Force as well that is providing it data-driven dashboards, through a team consisting of leaders from AWS, Wipro, Intel, SAP, and others.

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