The best of wedding shopping tips

Tis the season to get your best mates and head out to grab some wedding deals

By Author  |  Published: 11th Jun 2019  9:12 pm
wedding deals

Headed out for some wedding shopping? Blingy lights, happy faces and patient salesmen are the picture perfect definition of what you see in Telugu films. In reality, the picture looks like something straight out of Bridezilla. Warm lights burning you up, sweat trickling down your foreheads, picky tastes and angry chotus at the shop is what await you at the showrooms. However, with little planning, all the tongue-clicking and disappointment can be kept at bay.

Here’s a list of picks you can spend the moolah on:

Some life-saving wedding pointers

wedding deals

• Do not waste time. Finish shopping a month ahead.

• Pin wedding looks on Pinterest for reference.

• Do not wear red lipstick. You don’t want to ruin what you’re not going to pay for.

• Bring friends that are nearly the same size as you are, so fitting becomes easier.

• Do not overcrowd the wedding brigade; the mantra is two family members for sane guidance and three friends for mad cheering.

Think data, beta

If planned right, wedding cards can be made eco-friendly. Ditch the plastic and fancy fabrics on wedding cards and embrace sustainability with beautifully printed cardboard cards in boxes. Making it an e-invite is even better.

Handloom heretic

Kanjeevaram, Pochampalli or Banarasi, do not be afraid to experiment. If you are not a wedding purist who likes to box your wedding sari like your emotions, go for richer, brighter fabrics that can transform into versatile pieces of clothing later.

Bling for days

Move aside, girls, for it’s time for your SO to shine. Embellish yourselves, boys, go for studs, brooches, kadhas and even a gold septum, if you want to look like a Greek god with sass.

Standing out

wedding deals

Instead of focusing on extravagance, pick a subtle element that can mark your wedding. Create a hashtag, follow a theme or even have a wedding cake so sweet that leaves guests in tears. —  Subha Priyadarshini