The best street style from around the world

Inject the same level of swag shown on runways into your wardrobe to create airy yet stylish looks

By Author  |  Rishika Bajjuri  |  Published: 6th Jun 2019  10:17 pm
Breezing through

The start of a new season, especially one with steaming hot rays, calls for a comprehensive change in wardrobe. In order words, ditch your coats, shelve your sweaters and squirrel away your heavy knitted trousers in favour of the hottest summer trends.

From breezy shorts to boxy bowling shirts and to those all too oft-ignored espadrilles, be sure to supply yourself with correct summer wardrobe choices to feel easy and windy despite the scorching temperatures. Whether you’re hitting the smoothie shop or cruising down the streets, find out how to look stylish wherever you are while simultaneously showing that you’re warm weather ready.

You need some short shorts

The proponent short shorts trend makes a reappearance and we must say, it looks better than it looked before. With these tiny bum-skimmers all over the runways this season, designers have displayed a myriad of ideas of how to either dress them up or dress them down, depending on the occasion and of course, your preference. From tie-dye to classic leather to swirly-whirly retro prints, street style is out to make an eye-grabbing statement.

Suits minus a shirt

Breezing through

Yes, it’s a thing and before you’re quick to judge it, let us tell you that it is as glamorous and fashion forward as ever. And the best part, you get a breather while still looking polished and genteel. The trend has been everywhere at the shows this summer, from the light-grey two-piece worn with naught, but a bare chest at Roberto Cavalli to the ultra-chic stone-hued suit shown sans shirt at Hermès. Just be sure to invest in a good deodorant first.

Return of sage

This might sound like a horror movie with a demon child ready to avenge an entire clan with a doll in her hand, but we’re just talking about the colour, we promise. After extensive research, we were able to conclude that this season’s street style obsession has been sage. Designers as well as fashion enthusiasts everywhere have been showcasing everything from formal wear to sporty pieces covered in this trendy pigment, so be sure to try it out for yourself.