The changing face of Wanaparthy’s public healthcare system

Deliveries performed in Area hospital shoot up to over 250 per month, since last June with the introduction of KCR Kits

By Author  |  Published: 11th Feb 2018  12:04 amUpdated: 10th Feb 2018  9:23 pm
MAJOR PROGRESS: The dialysis centre which was inaugurated on December 28 last year is fully-occupied for three shifts in Wanaparthy Area Hospital. Maternal, paediatric healthcare in the hospital has become a major setback for private hospitals.

Wanaparthy: A major change in maternal and paediatric health care in Telangana has been the introduction of KCR Kits to women going for institutional deliveries in government hospitals. The move has already shaken the private hospitals which have been charging enormous amounts for unnecessary C-Sections from poor people. The increase in the inflow of patients to government hospitals says it all.

Most of the hospitals have been taking this as a challenge and have been doing their best to welcome this change, which is contingent upon the availability of a sufficient number of human resources to meet this sudden spike.

The efforts put in by Wanaparthy Area Hospital’s staff in achieving good progress in meeting the increasing demand is appreciable. What used to be just about 30-50 deliveries a month a year ago, have shot up to an average of 250 deliveries per month, since June 2017, when the KCR Kits scheme came into force.

Balamma (60), a resident of Wanaparthy was seen with her newborn grandson in her arms, waiting for her daughter-in-law Mamatha (25) to get her C-section stitches removed at the hospital on Thursday. She had spent Rs 30,000 at a private hospital in the past when Mamatha had given birth to a daughter. But this time she spent less than Rs 4,000 in the government hospital (because some tests have to be done outside, plus tips).

“We are very happy about KCR Kits being provided and we feel that the treatment here is far better than government hospitals,” she told Telangana Today.

Not just maternal care, but also the new dialysis centre which was inaugurated on December 28 is fully-occupied for three shifts. Till the end of January, dialysis was performed on 185 patients. Currently, 31 patients registered under Aarogyasri are being treated here. Five dialysis machines were procured at a cost of Rs 8 lakh per machine.

Balayya (38), a resident of Pebbair was getting treated at the dialysis centre on Thursday. He had lost both his kidneys in 2014. Though his mother-in-law had donated her kidney to him back then, he had to shed Rs 20 lakh for kidney transplantation at a corporate hospital in Secunderabad. Even that kidney failed in 2016.

Since one year, he has been looking for a donor with O+ve blood group. Earlier he had to travel to Mahabubnagar to get dialysis performed. But now he doesn’t have to travel that far because his residence is closer to Wanaparthy.

The newly launched 102 ambulances for mothers and newborns have come quite handy for people. In the first five days, the hospital was able to give free pick-up/drop service to 37 beneficiaries. In February, till date 70 beneficiaries have availed the services.

Due to the special attention given to the area hospital by District Collector Sweta Mohanty, cleanliness and sanitation have improved. More sanitation workers were hired and selection of staff nurses for performing deliveries was done through intense scrutiny of profiles, which allowed well-performing nurses who had earlier worked in corporate hospitals, to lend their services here.

As a result of the increasing demand, a ten-bedded Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) has been sanctioned for the hospital at a cost of Rs 85 Crore.

According to Dr B Srinivas Reddy, Resident Medical Officer, modern medical equipments have been provided to the hospital such as an ultrasound machine, x-ray machine and so on, in addition to quality furniture and bed sheets for patients. Estimates for Rs70 lakh works for renovating the corridor of the hospital on par with corporate hospitals, construction of more toilets, laying tiles and buying new furniture are being prepared by architects appointed by the government. Soon the works are expected to start.

100-bedded Mother and Child Hospital have also been sanctioned for Wanaparthy district by the Central government recently. A location for construction of the building is being worked out. Local leaders suggest that the existing government hospital could be converted into MCH hospital and a new hospital could be built in some government land elsewhere so that a bigger hospital could be constructed with all-new infrastructure with a vision accommodating a government medical college which may be sanctioned for the district sometime in the future. The present hospital is built in just 2 acres of land and has already become congested.

One major issue which needs to be addressed immediately is the recruitment of doctors for the area hospital. According to Dr Srinivas, 34 posts have been created, for which recruitment is yet to be done.

“We are getting excellent medical infrastructure, but without enough doctors for all patient needs, the objective of the State government to give quality healthcare to all the people would still be a process delayed. We have achieved a major milestone in maternity and paediatrics which has closed the doors of many private hospitals. If recruitment of doctors is done as per the need, a revolution in public healthcare system in Telangana would not be a distant dream,” he opined.

“Out-patients have almost doubled in our hospital as compared with the past. We need more human resources to cater to this increasing confidence people are bestowing upon us,” he added.