The common thread that binds us all

Anuradha Kabra's exhibition ‘Ikshana’ explores the roots of other cultures

By Author  |  Published: 2nd Jul 2018  8:17 pm

The exhibition by artist Anuradha Kabra ‘Ikshana’ takes into account the inspiration as well as the influx of people from different cultures. “Growing up under the influence of the famous zoologist, Reuben David intrigued me with the life of animals and how they inhabit and are so integral to our lives. My love for animals still continues to influence my artistic ventures,” says the artist who researched about cultures of different countries.

“India is not the only country with a rich history, mythology and colourful traditions. Inspite of being geographically apart, there is a common thread which binds and connects us all together which is absolutely divine,”

Originally from Jodhpur, Anuradha Kabra has made Singapore her home since the past decade. Her informal education in art and music started from a very young age from her mother, Kamla Kabra and father, Brijbhushan Kabra, both well-known artists. Her love for the vibrancy of Van Gogh’s work and the precision of Escher led to her evolving her own unique style of blending pencil with vibrant water-colors and chalk pastels on paper. Her current works explore the synthesis of culture with faiths and beliefs.