The compilation of dogs viral videos

Hilarious dog videos that are guaranteed to bring a smile on to your face through their cuteness and simultaneous silliness

By Author  |  Rishika Bajjuri  |  Published: 8th Jun 2019  7:46 pm
doggy chronicles

From scrolling through YouTube to watch hilarious videos of dogs doing the most fortuitous of things to practically sealing yourself in the Instagram vortex of cute pet videos, the few minutes of fun these clips offer us, without doubt, brighten our day.

As dog lovers, these videos are basically as entertaining as they are hard to miss; and believe us, you don’t want to miss even one. Hence, in the interest of every dog-loving-video-watching individual out there, we’ve curated a list of a few viral dog videos that will make you laugh and awe at their cuteness at the very same time.

So set back, relax and indulge into watching these furry pooches do everything from erratically jump around for no reason at all to fail simple tasks in the cutest manner possible.

Guilty dog Denver

The doggy chronicles

Possibly ranked as one of the most recognisable videos on the internet with over 52 million views on YouTube, this golden pupper has established himself as the epitome of mischief in the dog world. There’s no dog that does a guilty face better than Denver, and he lets us know by pasting the goofiest grin after being caught red-handed for sticking his nose somewhere he shouldn’t have.

Dog flipping over ball

It’s a plain and simple fact that dogs love their balls, but this sporadic dog is especially eager to fetch his ball – so much so that he runs over it and does a complete flip. Not to worry though, he’s completely fine even after the feet tall landing. With the same energy, he gets up and keeps chasing the ball again. Granting a good laugh to any watcher, this side-splitting dog video is a classic.

Nathan the hairless dancing dog

Yes, that chicken resembling thing is a dog and yes, it’s doing the cupid shuffle better than most two left-legged human beings out there. Taking the internet by storm, Nathan the Chinese crested dog has turned an itch on his back into a dancing sensation, and frankly, we are living for it. If you haven’t seen it yet, get on this hilarious hound wiggle; not just his bottom but his entire body right this instant.

checkout the video:


Dog attacks the witness

This maltipoo puppy was caught on camera by his owner while shredding a paper and once he realises he’s been spotted, he decides to attack the witness with an adorable yap. Scared we are but more than that, all we wish to do is snuggle him in our arms for all his cuteness.