The favourite Instagram filter

Clarendon is slowly gaining popularity among users of this photosharing app

By Author  |  Fatima Hasan  |  Published: 16th May 2018  8:24 pm
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It was back in 2016 that the filters were introduced to Instagram. People liked their Snapchat filters up till now in Instagram and, lately, the Clarendon became one of their most favourite filters. A study of the Instagram filters proves that Clarendon is the most used filter in all states and is trending now.

This filter brightens, intensifies and highlights the shadows for the colours that pop. It is the default filter after the normal editing option. Interestingly, the Clarendon is being loved by instagrammers and the reason is its feature to instantly take a photo from bland to dazzling.

In all, people in 119 countries like filtering their photo with Clarendon. Russia, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asian countries have preferred the filter the most. The key characteristics of the Clarendon include an increase in saturation and contrast, a cyan tint in pure highlight areas and cooled down shadows and highlights.

Clarendon filter keeps the mid tone relatively warm and cool to allow the skin tones to retain a high degree of their natural colour. No wonder, then, that it’s become most favourite and trendy filter for any look that you want to upload.