The Hallyu Lafda…

A contagious Korean culture is gradually gripping us.

By Author   |   Published: 10th Jan 2017   11:25 pm Updated: 10th Jan 2017   10:51 pm

Have you been hearing much about Big Bang, Got7, Girls Generation, Boys over Flower (F4), and Running Man? If so, you have been diagnosed with the Hyderabadi Korean fever!

The Korean wave or Hallyu is a term coined in ’99, referring to the widespread popularity of the Korean culture of music, movies and drama. It is steadily making its presence felt in Hyderabad.

Many young souls in the city are talking about their favourite Korean star now. But, it is not just the celebs that the youngsters are crazy about — it is the Korean fashion, makeup, hairstyle, food and language. Korea has a rich culture and is blessed with a beautiful landscape.

“Korean dramas (called K-dramas) and movies have inspired me and my friends to start talking in the Korean language, try out Korean recipes and read up on Korean history,” says Neeha Jayaram, a digital media professional and blogger. She started her blog Kimchi Achaar, where she reviews K-dramas and movies.

In a way, the K-dramas have generated more fans than Korean music and movies. BTech student S Sowmya, who started watching K-dramas with her friends and loves the actor Lee Min Ho, says, “Watching Korean dramas helps me de-stress, I slip into a fantasy world and take a break from the reality for a while.”

Also, the K-drama is not about lead characters dying of cancer anymore. The K-drama Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) has broken stereotypes and is here to stay for long.

If you haven’t watched them yet, you can watch K-dramas from websites such as and You can also look them up on Youtube.