The Last Dance: Toast of the sporting court

The mini-series which traces the triumphant career of basketball legend Michael Jordan is a visual treat for sports fans and also those new to sporting legacy

By   |  Published: 9th Jun 2020  5:32 pm

“Here comes Chicago, 17 seconds, game 6, NBA championship number six on the line for bulls, Jordon crosses Demetrise, step-back, pull-up-jumper and Bang!! Chicago with the lead against Utta Jazz.” That is how ‘The Last Dance’ ends.

The ten-part documentary, directed by Jason Hehir, is the journey of Michael Jordan from his rookie years to his last season in the basketball team Chicago Bulls famously referred to as ‘the last dance’. It was called so since it was supposedly the last time to witness MJ, Pippen, Rodman and coach Phill Jackson play together.

The Netflix mini-series The Last Dance sees Michael Jordan start his career in Chicago Bulls. Being the third-pick in the first round, Michael comes in with a lot of expectations only to exceed it by a huge margin. His success streak continues as Nike signs him and releases the trendsetter Air-Jordan shoes.

A team is built around him to support his skill as he wins three NBA titles back-to-back along with a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics, leading the Dream Team (1992 USA Basketball team). Just as he is at the peak Michael’s father gets murdered. He retires from basketball and joins baseball, since his father wanted him to play baseball since Michael was a child.

His leaving affects the team and Bulls struggle without his able leadership. Michael eventually returns to Bulls two years later and goes on to win three back-to-back championships.The series takes an in-depth look at how each and every player made an impact in creating something great.

It takes the viewers behind-the-scenes and shows how his teammates accepted his alpha nature and as a leader. The untold truth of how Jordan had to deal with the media sensationalism over his gambling habit and a controversial book that depicted him as a tyrant is also revealed.

Dedicated episodes featuring a series of heartfelt interviews from his team Chicago Bulls, rivals, Justin Timberlake and even Barack Obama are quite revealing about his personality and goodwill. In those episodes, we get to see how Scotty Pippen was one of the most underrated and underpaid player in NBA and Dennis Rodman’s kooky personality.

It delves into Steve Kerr’s relationship with Michael and his close relationship with his security guard for whom he won a game ball.Championships and record-breaking statistics notwithstanding, the greatness of Michael lies in his mindset in how he perceived the smallest things.

He was a guy who would construct reasons to get into a dogfight and win the game ball. The Last Dance captures it all narrating all situations point-by-point.It satisfies Michael’s enduring legacy in the best possible narrative with a timeline that jumps to and fro between the two-three-peats (three back-to-back titles).

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