The natural way of staying fresh all day

Guide on how to look more polished and well-kempt for a long day ahead

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jun 2019  10:15 pm
Art of looking put-together

Minimalism at play

Do not overwork yourself with matching jewellery. With the minimalist movement rewriting fashion, less is more. Keep accessories to a minimum and focus on the outfit and colours.

Tonal value

Silver and gold tones definitely make a difference. If your skin tone is warm, go for gold jewellery, and experiment with reds, yellows and oranges. For cool tones, go for silver jewellery against blue, grey and green outfits to look flattering.

Mane matters

 Art of looking put-together

Fix your hair, however you feel comfortable. In case of a windy situation, apply enough hairspray, and stock up on combs, pins and hair ties. And men, carry a mini tube of hair gel or serum.


Like the neighbourhood barber says, ‘thoda trimming-shimming karlo ji’. Regular hair trims not only keep the flyaways in check, it also helps your hair stay in place. Keep nails filed and your cuticles oiled for a healthy appearance.

Go basic

Nine-to-five job, meeting a friend and family dinner – all in one day? Fret not, keep your killer heels aside and wear something comfortable, in basic colours that can work across venues.

 Art of looking put-together