The new era of ‘technologically impressive’ fashion is here

Forget smart watches and augmented reality glasses, the clothes you wear are the wearables of the future

By Author  |  Rishika Bajjuri  |  Published: 9th Jun 2019  7:02 pm

The fashion world knows what we want to wear even before we do. Designers around the globe spend generous time and effort into curating astounding designs and creations that become the eye-catching trends for years to come. And, of late, one thing that has been picked up by a lot of visionary designers is smart fabrics. The connotation ‘smart’ here doesn’t necessary fall under that of technology, but components that have been in existence in the world for quite a while now, especially in sports. Take for instance, Ralph Lauren’s debut of the first smart e-textile t-shirt that could monitor breathing, heart rate and stress. With similar designs and innovations seen across the world of fashion, one thing lays in common – the innovation is right down to the yarn level.

Fashion forward

Beyond being performance efficient, smart fabrics are fashion forward in their essence. Illuminating a clean and comforting fit as well as look, they also incorporate an ample amount of smart features that deal with more intrinsic and traditional uses of clothing. One instance of this is to keep us warm with the use of a power source and conductive components in the fabric itself.

Technologically impressive

Simply being able to conduct electricity does not make the material at hand automatically smart. There are an abundance of abilities these materials must have, in order for them to be regarded as what they truly are. Actual smart fabrics have conductors and circuits devices that can sense a number of inputs, including touch, temperature, vibrations etc. In addition, they can interact with external devices such as smartphones using Wi-Fi, essentially making them devices you can wear on your body.

Contribution towards a safer environment

Not only is it all about fashion, but it doubles as a stance against sexual assault or any other crimes against women throughout the world. Students all the way from NIFT to SRM university in Chennai have activity engaged in building anti-molestation and anti-rape clothes by incorporating their skills into smart fabric. Giving people ways to protect themselves via their clothing, these students have initiated innovative ways to achieve their goal.