The Rooh Afza debate continues

Brave souls criticise the popular summer drink, only to be countered by lovers of the brand

By Author  |  Published: 13th May 2019  8:14 pmUpdated: 13th May 2019  8:42 pm
The Rooh Afza debate

A much sought-after beverage that dominated many Indian summers, TV screens and family get-togethers, Rooh Afza has earned many people who dislike the drink, over the years. On one side, the red concoction is being sold at thrice its market price on Amazon, and, on the other, a Twitter user, Sagar (@sagarcasm) has taken to the popular micro-blogging platform to rant about the syrup.

“I just hate the taste of RoohAfza. If I am starving to death and RoohAfza is the last thing left on earth, I will choose death.” Soon after, many others replied with either tweets expressing solidarity for a fellow Rooh Afza hater or defending the syrup’s existence. A Rooh Afza lover, Shaikh Talha wrote, “it’s to drink with water.. Directly peene kon bola?”

The Rooh Afza debate

Some tweets described Rooh Afza as a drink reserved for unwanted guests at home, and others said Rasna was more successful a summer cooler than its rose-flavoured counterpart.