The unknown link between dementia and anaemia

A lack of crucial vitamins can cause a gradually loss of sentient mechanism of the brain cells and make them lose their usual agility

By Author  |  Dr Venugopal Gouri  |  Published: 8th Aug 2019  6:56 pmUpdated: 8th Aug 2019  10:10 pm

Blood has an unenvious job of transporting oxygen and nutrition to every cell of the body including the vital organs. The haemoglobin, the active participant has the propensity to bind with oxygen to do this job with great elan and unerring precision. All the same when there is a deficiency of haemoglobin or in common parlance, ‘iron in the blood’; it is a condition usually termed as Anaemia.

Though there are other parameters that can be termed as anaemia, it usually refers to lack of haemoglobin. It is in this state that the human body is starved of essential oxygen and nutrients to a certain extent, and thereby leading to many a condition secondary to anaemia. Research of the day is clear that apart from various deficiency syndromes that anaemia can cause, it also leads to dementia.

Dementia is a condition in which the first symptom that is apparent is forgetfulness, disturbance in communication with family members and thinking. A person with dementia is likely to forget things that he has done just a few moments ago like locking the door, turning off of the cylinder knob etc. They are likely to have difficulty in doing the routine things that they have been used to doing for decades like cooking or driving etc.

They might have visited a place a number of times before but they could forget finding the route to the place and get disoriented easily etc. A usually calm and quiet person has an altered behaviour and turn angry, irritable, suspicious etc. Dementia is a condition that starts with old age and could turn worse swiftly and should be watched out for.

Now having understood both the conditions, it is necessary how anaemia could actually precipitate dementia. Iron, Vitamin B9, and B12 are the constituents that are supplied to various parts of the body apart from many other nutrients. These are very essential for the brain health, so to say in simple words. A lack of these vitamins can cause a gradually loss of sentient mechanism of the brain cells and they lose their usual agility.

There is an accumulation of plaques in the cells that makes them communicate less and there is formation of lacunar infarcts which are small non-functioning areas of the brain tissue. This condition is also called as vascular dementia.

Homeopathic medicine has good remedies to see that there is a better assimilation of the vitamins, proper iron absorption, reduce the tendency for inflammation of the tissues and thereby preventing dementia. Cup ars, Cup met, Fer met, Natrum mur, Fer phos, Gnaphalium are a few remedies that can help do the above job of assimilation while Ginkgo biloba, Alumina, Zinc met help in reducing inflammation. To reduce the chances of risk of dementia which has been prevalent in the population, homeopathy is the best remedy.