There’s nothing general about this bazaar

The popular lanes of Secunderabad never let us down in terms of food or shopping.

By   |  Published: 4th Jan 2017  11:32 pmUpdated: 7th Jan 2017  1:42 am

There were times when people used to throng the shops of wedding card makers at General Bazaar to grab the best available designs. Even though times have changed and people moved to email invitations and customised cards, there are a few who still visit the shops here for some beautiful wedding cards.

General Bazaar is one of the 24*7 busy streets of Secunderabad. The place is always flocked by shopaholics who come to grab the best among the fashion trends, besides household products. While this is on the one side of the street, the other side is filled with bandis which offer huge varieties of food. These streets never leave you hungry. The Bhel puri that is available here is a delicious one and you cannot resist taking an extra parcel home. If you have a sweet tooth and some space left in your tummy, you can taste the mouthwatering hot jalebis on the bandis. Those who are not fond of chaat and Bhel puri, don’t worry, the idli and dosa bandis are available here round the clock.

Kishan Lal, owner of Katepalli Wedding Cards, says, “It has been almost 45 years since we established the business in these streets. We never thought of shifting our shop just because we didn’t want it to lose the charm of General Bazaar. Even though we don’t get lunch boxes from home, something or the other is available here to eat round the clock. I am used to these busy streets and I get bored staying at home even for a single day. These roads boost up your energy.”

The good old Anjali theatre is the most famous landmark here. Even though the theatre lost its charm now, it is still known to regulars to the area. The Bommana Brothers is also well known for its brand and is still visited by its trusted and faithful customers. The long lanes from the Bommana Brothers that lead to Ramgopalpet police station are the favourite streets for young women.

The place is the best to purchase the latest kurtas, footwear and handbags that are trending in the market. And, when you want to pick some trendy fashion jewellery, head to these lanes without second thoughts. For young women and girls who like to shop within a specific budget as well as save some if possible, General Bazaar is the best place as everything is available here at wholesale rates.