These five masters have crafted utilities to art by using clay

These potters will make you want to throw on an apron and get your hands dirty making your own creations

Published: 13th Apr 2019   7:59 pm
Moulded creations

From apps that unleash your inner creator to YouTube channels solely dedicated to bringing together the potter community,pottery has had a digital makeover. This week, we take a look at five master potters who have the craft to make anything from utilities to art, making sure that the clay stained  wheel stays forever in vogue with their videos.

Ingleton Pottery

One of the more older channels out there, it was started in 2007, and has an almost asmr like quality to it. As you go back in the video list, you will observe that the camera angles change constantly, from top shots, side-angles, close ups, the videos are oddly satisfying to watch as the potter gives form to a lump of clay. Yarn bowls, finishing, vases, you get to see different types of pottery being shaped into beautiful products on this channel. The commentary is also pretty informative.

Matt Horne Pottery

Beautiful exquisite glazed vases and bowls are made by this talented potter called Matt Horne whose videos are a pleasure to watch. There is no commentary as such, music accompanies the uploads which are fast forwarded. Matt’s creations are truly creative. You also get a perspective on how difficult it is to make those thin-necked vases or what’s it like to trim vases with flared necks.

Bill Powell

This master potter is meticulous to the T. Although, there aren’t that many videos of his works, the ones there are pretty insightful. His works veer towards the gigantic side and feature the back-breaking side of the craft. A particular video of his features a flame throwing a pot. It takes skill to know at what stage the clay is going to stiffen and stretch. Coupled with some dramatic music, the videos are tend to run longer, but are worth the time.

Ceramic arts daily

This is a curated vlog featuring different potters, as they take us around their studio and show us the tools, techniques and materials they use to create beautiful pottery. It also features interviews with college professors in the field of arts and crafts, craftsman’s guild, apart from how-tos on basic mugs, bowls and plates. These videos feature vey informed potters who will tell you what works, what doesn’t and tips to create the perfect product.

Timsee Clay

Started in 2006, Tim makes helpful videos for those who want to get started with the craft. He breaks down the art pretty simply and also demonstrates what all can go wrong when making your very first pot. Finishing is important in pottery, so he also takes pain to show viewers how to remove the pots from the wheel and make them all nice and pretty.


Moulded creations