These ideas will help in keeping your dining room clutter-free

By Author  |  Shruthi Madhuri  |  Published: 10th Feb 2018  12:05 amUpdated: 9th Feb 2018  11:06 pm
Maximising storage in an already compact space is a hard task. A good way to handle this kind of situation is to make better furniture choices.

You are what you eat and but where you eat is also a very crucial part of the equation. It is an activity that needs to be savoured and for that you need a special place tucked away somewhere in your house. You might have dedicated a separate room as your dining area or it may be an extension of the kitchen. Either way, we all know how cluttered it gets once you bring out all the eating utensils and China in there. To aid you in this struggle, we have come up with some valuable ideas to de-clutter your messy dining rooms and make dining fun again.

Hide it away

To maintain a clutter-free environment, it is important to take things away from direct vision and present a clean, organised space. Cupboards and cabinets come in real handy in such situations. Often one large cupboard is enough for putting away everything that could be making your dining room messy. Luckily, there are countless styles and types of cupboards you can choose from. A cupboard with a glass front can be a good way to showcase stylish accessories and amplify storage at the same time!

Don’t waste space

Maximising storage in an already compact space is a hard task, but not impossible challenge. You just have to get creative with the space you got and a good way to do that is to make better furniture choices. You don’t want to overcrowd your dining room in hopes of increasing storage. In fact, the fewer pieces you bring in the better. For example a seating solution with built-in storage is an excellent multifunctional furniture choice.

Make use of walls

Walls can be your best friend when you have double trouble concerning space and storage. A pretty wall cabinet could be an effective way to store all that China that’s been cluttering your space. Or perhaps a floating shelf can also display and showcase some of your well-loved pieces. If you want to go one step ahead, you can splurge on installing stunning cabinets inside your wall or fit shelves in small alcoves which are rarely used. This would take no extra space and also create tons of storage. All in all, an investment that will serve you well!

Opt for flexibility

Flexibility and reusability are major things to consider while adding furniture to any space. Opt for a flexible look by decorating your dining room with standalone furniture. Like, shelving unit that can be moved around if need be. Also mix things up by not buying entire dining sets, instead, buy a dining table separately and some mismatched chairs with some unifying elements (like accessories!) to bring it all together.

Keep it light

If you are not in the mood to spend a fortune on enormous cupboards and shelving solutions then consider keeping it very simple. Just add a small round table, or perhaps a multilevel movable trolley that can be used to store crockery that you most often use while entertaining people. Such a trolley or table can also be used to display pretty knickknacks and due to its size, it’s easy to move around when the need arises.

Dining rooms may not be very frequently thought of while designing but it is a space that is regularly used, especially if it is an extension of your kitchen/living room. That is why it may reflect badly on you and the house if it ends up looking cluttered and cramped. So use these de-cluttering ideas, keep it clean and make dining fun again!

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