These tech pens mark their presence

From quill to magic ones that conduct electricity, there are numerous pens that keep surprising us every day with their usage.

By Author  |  Published: 30th Aug 2018  7:08 pm
tech pens

The pen is no more just a pen now, it has various purposes. From substituting a torch light, recorder to even spy camera, there are many pens available for people that have different functions. Pens are available online too, but, with a little higher price tag.

While these tech pens are becoming popular, there are also the traditional ones which are still considered equally important. High-end pens are a symbol of status, which is not a surprise, due to their long history.

Well, here are a few kinds of writing instruments that leave mark with their ink

This is a pen made from a light feather of a large bird. Quills served as a writing tool in the Western world between 6th and 19th century, and were the most important among all the inventions. However, the craze for this pen is still there today.


When it comes to calligraphy, there are different kinds of nibs; from ink brush, dip pens to ink pens with a split nib, and fountain pens. This pen makes for a perfect tool for many artists and writers.

Zero gravity

tech pens There’s always space for innovation and in early 1965, the Fisher Space Pen Company, produced the first ‘zero gravity’ pen. It was designed to work in space, under water, on wet paper and at any angle. When NASA tested it in space, the US space administration reportedly, bought around 400 pens to use on their Apollo missions.

3D doodler

Create your own 3d printing at home, without investing in a larger standalone printer. This pen is world’s first 3D printer which pushes out a thread of heated plastic that rapidly cools to form a 3D model as you take your pen through.


With this pen you can literally produce electricity by drawing. Using a silver conductive ink, the magic pen serves as an incredible tool for paper circuit projects. Making use of these pens you can now create a small town with electricity in a 3d-designed house!