This is how you keep your hair healthy

Follow these simple steps to keep the lusciousness of your hair intact

By Author  |  Published: 16th May 2018  7:36 pm

You love your hair and the hair will return the love. Incorporate these simple steps into your haircare routine and get the kind of tresses that are not only healthy but will also help you look stylish.

Pick the scarf

What’s better than fashion and haircare blending? Pick that trendy scarf and explore the many different ways to style it. This will not only ensure that you look trendy, but also protect your hair from the sweltering sun as well as dust and dirt. It will also retain moisture, and provides extra protection for coloured hair. Just keep the sweating in check.

Explore hairstyles

Check out some summer-friendly hairstyles that will keep you and your hair in comfort. Messy braids and buns are ideal, for they keep the hair loose, as well as in place, without sweating.

While you wash

Experts advise against frequent washing of hair during summers, for there are chances that it might strip the scalp of natural oils, which, in turn, might lead excess production of oil, making the scalp oily. Be wary of the haircare products you use. Also, after you wash, refrain from blow-drying the hair.

Arm yourself with these

Just like you can spray and keep your face fresh and hydrated, you can keep your hair also moisturised. Try to use mild shampoos, preferably those with sun protection properties. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair.