Through a time-capsule

A review of Swordigo, one of 2012’s best mobile RPGs which is simple, uncluttered and feels buttery smooth

By Author  |  Published: 18th Jul 2020  6:24 pm

This review is 8 years too late or ‘Swordigo’ is a game that has held up and continued to remain fun; I believe in the latter and thus this review looks at what the game has to offer new players in 2020. ‘Swordigo’ is a classic role-playing game (RPG) that is old-school both in its design and appeal and almost resembles games from the ‘Game Boy Color’ era.

With its weirdly catchy music, run of the mill story and extremely simple controls you never really know when your ‘Swordigo’ journey begins as you quickly receive a sword to fight dark creatures (because of course you have to, if not you who else; the usual blah blah). The inspiration from games from the DOS era is significant here as you receive your first sword in classic Prince style, jump through platforms that remind you of Dave and fight through pixelated creatures like Keen. In Game Boy parlance, this game is just as close to the classic ‘Super Mario’ and ‘Zelda’ adventures.

In terms of gameplay, the game runs fantastically on new devices (2012 was so long ago that I had a Blackberry Z10 and HTC was still a thing), is buttery smooth and the controls translate really well. In my experience, I was so lost in the classic colour scheme of the greener than green grass and the inky blue water that the game’s age didn’t matter to me one bit. The game is extremely unoriginal and you can predict puzzles, plot-twists and other surprises from a mile away but there is something about the game that still keeps you playing through it all.

Lastly, there are a lot of new RPGs for mobile in the last decade that are much better-looking and detailed than ‘Swordigo’ but not many of them are free or playable offline. ‘Swordigo’ is completely playable and all its paid additions are just bonuses to make the game easy. There is nothing to bother your RPG journey here but for a rare ad once in a while.

Give it a try to experience a time when games were simple and uncluttered.

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