TiE to help businesses scale up

By   |  Published: 13th Mar 2019  10:16 pm
TiE Hyderabad President Suresh Reddy

The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) is a Silicon Valley non-profit entity supporting startups through networking and raising capital for new and experienced entrepreneurs. The TiE Hyderabad Chapter has many programmes to guide budding entrepreneurs in fund raising, business planning to sales and marketing help that they need. Suresh Reddy who has taken up the role of TiE Hyderabad president recently, tells Y V Phani Raj, the future action plan and focus areas.

Grad programme
We are building the entrepreneurial ecosystem by including students from schools and colleges to pursue their ideas so that they can be commercialised and build into viable businesses. For schools, we have TiE Young Entrepreneur (TYE) programme helping students in schools on business plans, team building, accounting & finance through our charter members. At college level, we assign one mentor from our side and coordinate with one nodal faculty from each college. Last year we had 16 mentors for 16 colleges. This year we will have 25 mentors for 25 colleges. This is a year-long exercise where college students get support.

Nurturing startups
TiE has been supporting startups across verticals. We provide adequate platforms to handhold these entrepreneurs. TiE Hyderabad can further create a network of startups which had been benefited either through funding or mentoring so that they can help upcoming startups.

SME support
Basic principles of running businesses remains same be it a small, medium or a large enterprise. Our charter members include business leaders who lead organisations of varied scale. We conduct leadership series and cohort programmes where industry members meet every week to exchange ideas and advisory. SMEs can be benefited by taking part in these TiE programmes. We have some SMEs as associate members.

Women entrepreneurship
We had been having discussions on women entrepreneurship seriously at board level. We want to have more charter members. We also want to create a team of mentors who can nurture women-led startups and businesses.

Stakeholder ties
We are talking to governments on policy making for startups and entrepreneurs. From an ecosystem perspective, we can help many stakeholders. We can present most realistic views of entrepreneurship that will help governments, incubators and accelerators in designing policies and entrepreneurship programmes.

Venture capital
We have ‘Investor Connect’ programme where we facilitate venture capital support to enterprises of different levels. We can explore ways to extend increased funding support as a connecting link between investors and startups and businesses.

Sector focus
We had rolled out certain programmes that were sector-centric. We want to ensure that the activities are not only technology-centric but beyond that. We may add certain new sectors to our priority list that we would like to work on, in the coming years.