Time to change beauty standards

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s photo shoot for Vogue has ruffled many feathers on social media

By Author  |  Published: 5th Jan 2018  12:17 amUpdated: 7th Jan 2018  3:56 pm

Beauty standards have always been a subject of discussion not just in India, but around the world. The idea of beauty that is widely popularised across the globe is nowhere close to reality. And the saddest thing is that even now there are so many people who endorse it through various mediums.

Recently, Vogue magazine came under the social media scanner for allegedly heavily photo-shopping a picture of Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan. Vogue had uploaded a picture on its Instagram account where Kareena can be seen in an orange bikini and a white netted wrap, against the backdrop of the sea. This picture has received much flak from the social media users who questioned how a woman who has delivered a baby recently looks so flawless without any stretch marks.

There were some reports which stated that the actor works out for 10 hours a day. But, still, it is practically not possible to not have a singlehat shows what women go through. At the same time, this is not something new, as most times, one’s body flaws are edited even after such practices are being questioned and objected to.

beautyVarsha Bhargavi, organiser of I Will Go Out, Hyderabad chapter, says body positivity is something that we all need to focus on as that can bring about a change. Varsha shares that the idea of beauty we share is not realistic at all. “For example, when you take Bapu garu’s sketches, in real life such women do not exist,” she adds. Varsha mentions that in the glamour industry, an ageing woman is not encouraged, whereas men can continue working for years without hesitation or fear of non-acceptance. “These may look like small things, but they do create many wrong notions for an individual,” says Varsha and shares that many individuals in the society think they are not up to the standards. “It is beyond loving one’s body,” she concludes.

All through our growing years, we have only seen fair skinned and slim people with flawless skin in the forefront. The idea has been etched so powerfully in our minds that breaking it is not an easy task. Even though we have made some progress in certain areas, there are some things that still remain the same.


Popular anchor Jhansi says that women are under always pressure to be presentable. Coming to Kareena, we are not sure whether the photographs are photo-shopped or not, as she is one person who never shied away from media during her pregnancy, feels Jhansi. “Usually, women who are fit have minimal stretch marks and in the recent times, there are many other way to remove them as well,” she adds. Jhansi says that the glamour industry is driven by fixed standards, so women who are an active part of it will follow them. “I do not think that in the next 10 -15 years any woman who is a part of glamour industry will openly talk about stretch marks or anything else (unglamorous) for that matter,” she adds. Jhansi shares that it is not just the celebrities, even normal women are sometimes not comfortable because they are tuned to the beauty standards.