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ParentCircle celebrates #GadgetFreeHour to re-establish connection between parents and children

By   |  Published: 13th Nov 2019  11:01 pmUpdated: 13th Nov 2019  11:30 pm

Advancements in technology have changed how people interact with each other, reshaped relationships and lives. Currently, India has 374 million smartphone users and this number is likely to double in 2022. Shockingly, children of younger ages are seen with smartphones these days.

Parents being glued to smartphones round the clock results in damaging their relationships with their kids. As per the study published in the journal Pediatric Research, parents using smartphones during family activities may lead children to show frustration as they are likely to have fewer conversations with them.

Nevertheless, it is never too late to pause, reflect and start over again. In a bid to ‘re-establish’ the connection between parents and children by balancing screen time and family time, ParentCircle is observing #GadgetFreeHour from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm on November 14 (Children’s Day).

Nalina Ramalakshmi, founder and managing director, ParentCircle, says, “I am very excited to note the heightened interest and participation for the #GadgetFreeHour. It is extremely important that we realise ‘real connections’ need a reboot in today’s gadget-driven world. To build a strong connection, parents need to spend time with their children on a regular basis, even if it is for a few minutes every day, free from the distraction of gadgets and other work. This #GadgetFreeHour campaign is a social awareness campaign for change. We hope this will motivate parents to make gadget-free time a part of their daily or weekly routine and experience the joy of connection.”

The campaign is already going viral with over 58,000 schools, a host of corporate giants, popular celebrities, achievers and bestselling authors, the biggest hotel brands and about a million parents awaiting to be a part of this special initiative. 

How to take part in #GadgetFreeHour?

Take a pledge at (Gadget Free Hour Website) www.gadgetfreehour.com. Parents can go through the 5-step video to understand how they can be a part of this campaign. They can also explore a list of exclusive activities, articles, interviews with global parenting gurus, and play the activity wheel on the website.