Traditional cookware makes a comeback

Forget the non-stick crockery, it’s the good old copper bottles and clay pots that are ruling the modern kitchens now

By   |  Published: 16th May 2019  8:56 pmUpdated: 16th May 2019  6:58 pm

Suresh Prakash Saxena, a retired scientist, starts his day with a glass of warm water. Well, most of us do it too, but Saxena’s routine is a little different. He makes sure he boils the water in a copper vessel; he believes that this simple habit helps in not only cleansing his system but also serves as a way of introducing copper into his body. He has been swearing by this routine for the past 10 years.

Now, copper is a material that has been part of Indian kitchens since forever but people sort of pushed it to their attics to make space for the fancy non-stick pans and unbreakable dinner sets. However, copper has, now, made a grand comeback.

Thanks to the health gurus who pressed on the material’s importance and the brands which re-introduced the good old copper by adding a modern touch. Really, how can anybody resist themselves from getting their hands on the copper bottles on which there is a little bit of a graffiti going on! Must say, the modern copperware is enticing.

Traditional cookware

Speaking of which, it’s not only the copper bottles that are the talk of ‘HomeTown’. It’s the clay bottles that are also part of the ‘making all the noise’ brigade. Yes, things are getting muddy in the kitchen. “I replaced my Tupperware bottle with a clay bottle. Now, there are many reasons that pushed me to make this replacement. One — clay bottle is a sustainable option (obviously), two — I like the fact that the micronutrients present in the mud boosts my immunity, and three — this bottle keeps the water cool and my one-litre bottle costs just Rs 60,” says Ravi Kiran, who is thrilled about the mud vessels making a comeback.

No, it’s not just the bottles but the whole kitchenware that is getting a traditional makeover. It’s not just the health benefits, which is definitely the best perk and motivation to invest in them, but they are also trending and are pretty which compels the buyers to make the purchase.

“I have grown up savouring my grandmother’s dishes, especially the fish curry. But, no matter how many times I tried cooking the exact recipe, the taste just wouldn’t be the same. Long after I gave up on recreating my granny’s fish curry, I happened to cook it in a clay pot by chance. And boom! I just cooked a perfect fish curry. That’s when I replaced almost all my non-stick, titanium vessels with the mud ones. For me, these mud vessels are not just for sustainability and health purposes, but it’s the taste that motivates me,” shares Divya Tota, homemaker and a food enthusiast.So, yes, what goes around does come around! And this comeback is definitely giving the modern kitchens a traditional makeover.

Traditional cookware