Training for CCTV network operators

They are being educated on how to deal with dysfunctional cameras or disconnection of wires.

By   |  Published: 1st Dec 2016  9:29 pm
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Hyderabad: To avoid interruptions and ensure effective functioning of the city’s CCTV camera network, the police have started imparting tips to network operators, educating them on how to handle the situation in case the network became dysfunctional.

The move from the City Police, who are looking at establishing nearly one lakh CCTV cameras under the Community CCTV Project, is also to groom network operators to tackle miscreants who might tamper with the cameras.

“As CCTV surveillance has brought about a major change in investigation procedures, protection of cameras and network lines has gathered a lot of importance now,” said V Yadagiri Reddy, Inspector, Nallakunta, who organised one such training class on Wednesday.

“In order to avoid any interruption in the network, like dysfunctional cameras or disconnection of wires, network operators are being educated on preventive measures,” he said.

“The possibility of the cameras being tampered with and wires being cut cannot be ruled out and we feel it is better to equip the operators with the necessary know how to tackle such situations,” he said and added that operators would monitor the lines in their jurisdiction at least twice a day.

The impact of changing weather conditions on the surveillance network is also being dealt with. “Considering the vulnerability of the material used in the network to climatic changes, the operators were told to ensure repairs as fast as possible,” he added.