Transforming spaces with creative strokes

Renowned architect and interior designer, Aamir Sharma is more than what meets the eye

By Author  |  Published: 6th Dec 2018  9:03 pm
Photo Courtesy: Ricken Desai

Aamir Sharma needs no introduction as his outstanding work speaks for itself. Aamir and his wife Hameeda head AANDH (Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers) and the husband-wife duo’s creative work garnered great appreciation.

They have received over 20 national and regional awards for excellence in design including the Hafele Trends Excellence Award in Interior Design in 2016 and 2017, and numerous awards by IIID. They were also listed as No 7 in the Forbes List of Interior Designers and Architects to watch out for in 2010.

Among their projects, Prost, Urban Asia, Orion, Suhani Pittie, and L Bajrang Pershad Jewellers are a few popular ones. Their artistic vision transformed many spaces across the country into glamorous venues. The duo have designed luxury abodes for celebrities too.

One to never be complacent about his work or take his fame for granted, the architect from Hyderabad, Aamir, has a tip or two to share with newbies in the same field.

In retrospection, how would you sum up your journey?
It’s been an uphill task for me and Hameeda, as we had no godfather or rich parents to guide us through. From humble beginnings, we got our act together and the journey has involved a lot of travel which, in turn, inspired us in being more creative.

About Hameeda…
Since we both are designers, we fight a lot, but we are very creative in our own way and we both have our strengths and weakness. That’s where we bond and support each other.

Having done many prestigious projects, what’s your favourite?
Every new project becomes the best and, as soon as it is completed, it becomes an old story that always stays close to the heart.

Tips to the newbies…
There is a lot to this field than just design alone. You must study the client, their taste, mindset, budgets, etc. Apart from that, a good project manager and a good team are of utmost importance. You cannot climb the ladder alone without the support of a team.

Apart from work, what holds your interest?
Biking, driving fast cars, sketching, and fashion.

Plans ahead…
I just got an offer from a friend to act as a villain in his next movie, but I am giving that a pass. I might hold small classes for young students for design in the future.