Trash could be commodity

By   |  Published: 10th Aug 2020  12:46 amUpdated: 9th Aug 2020  7:48 pm

Our trash doesn’t disappear, it goes somewhere’ — and in a circular economy, it could be a valuable resource, says environmentalists. They feel banana peels and plastic straws are little more than garbage. In fact they’re precious commodities.

In the last few years, environmentalists have been advocating for the untapped potential of trash. The linear economy, where resources are turned into disposable products, is no longer sustainable.

Their aim to promote a circular economy, in which “you maximise your resources and minimise your waste.”

One of the world’s most efficient waste management systems is Taiwan, which recycles nearly half its municipal waste and has reduced the amount sent to landfills to less than one percent — turning plastic waste into cell phone cases and food scraps into fertilizer.