Travails of adulthood

What life is like for Venetians in this Italian series

By Author  |  Published: 22nd Dec 2018  8:33 pm

Rugagiuffa is a fluffy comedy which centers around four friends, each dealing with life in their way. Failed romances, jobs that don’t work out and travails of adulthood are the underlying themes of this web series set in Venice. Directed by Silvio Franceschet, the series paints a very different picture of what the city actually is like to live in, than just seeing it from the eyes of a tourist.

The name of the series is an ode to a street in Venice in the Castello district. What sets it apart is the ample space for improvisation in dialogue and acting and the predominantly non-professional cast of actors, with the exception of actor Alessandra Quattrini. Peppered with Venetian dialect, the daily life of youngsters is a great escape from the usual fare online. Catch subtitled episodes on YouTube.