Travel errors to avoid

Follow these tips to ensure your journey is hassle-free

By Author  |  Published: 23rd Mar 2019  7:58 pm

With the summer season already upon us, now is the time to start planning for that much-awaited summer vacation. In the midst of deciding their next holiday destination, booking the tickets and deciding their perfect summer outfits, people tend to make silly travelling mistakes that might land them and their families into a huge trouble.

British Airways has recently rolled out a few packing and travelling tips with a cautionary note to ensure that all their passengers have a hassle-free vacation.

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No address

First among them was that travelers should never write their address on their luggage tags. This is because criminals and drug peddlers are always on a look out at the airports. They might secretly hide their illegal goods in anyone’s luggage. If the passenger clears the immigration, these criminals may track the address on the luggage tag later on to get their goods back. In case, the security check is not cleared, the innocent passenger can be jailed or worse. Thus, it is advised to write only the contact number or an email ID, so if the luggage goes missing, the authorities can call/email the person directly.

Don’t trash boarding passes

Leaving the boarding passes in the passenger seat pockets or throwing them in open areas or bins is definitely calling for trouble, as criminals can perform fraudulent activities by scanning the QR code to get all your personal details. To avoid such misfortunes it is recommended to carry the boarding passes till the very end of the journey and properly dispose them so they cannot be misused.

Travel smart

Another very important travelling tip is to travel light. Passengers can include a lightweight folding bag, if they think they might need more space on their return journey. It is advised to leave some room for shopping, but avoid exceeding the free checked baggage allowance limit. Furthermore, reading the flight instructions properly in case of an emergency, avoid packing items that are restricted such as liquids, lighters, weapons were few other important tips in the list.

Thus, passengers are advised to be highly cautious about their luggage and should keep these tips in mind while they are travelling, so that their fulfilled vacation does not turn into a nightmare, as it’s always better to be safe than sorry!