Trevor Noah’s hilarious take on sleeping black people

The host of The Daily Show hilariously address the recent issue

By Author  |  Bhavya Burra  |  Published: 15th May 2018  9:03 pm

The genius of the Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show was brought to the spotlight when he reacted to the sensitive issue of race with charming wit and humour.

While Noah’s take on it is indeed hilarious, the incident is of concern. In an act of alleged racial profiling, a white student from Yale University called the police on a fellow black student, Lolade Siyonbola, for falling asleep in the common room of the dorm. The student posted two videos on her Facebook page for protecting herself. “I posted the video just for my safety.”, she says to Good Morning America. Since the incident, Yale has apologised, calling the event “deeply troubling”. The complaining student was said to be admonished by both the police and the university.

Noah funnily comments on May 13th’s episode that sleeping black people could be dangerous as the last time they had a dream, voting rights were granted, drawing a clever reference to the iconic ‘I Had a Dream’ speech by Martin Luther King Jr. Floods of approving comments followed on the show’s YouTube video and Twitter.