Tricks to ensure your dog’s safety

Four commands to start training your pet with, in order to make them stay away from danger.

By Author  |  Published: 26th Aug 2017  10:59 pmUpdated: 27th Aug 2017  12:40 am
Dog’s Safety

While we all like to show off to our friends that our dog obeys us, some of these tricks we teach the pets will keep them safe. Training your pet may take time and demands a lot of patience, but do not give up — at least for their sake. There are a few basic must-teach tricks to keep them away from danger.

Don’t take treat from a stranger
Pet theft happens everywhere and the easiest way for any thief would be to tease your pet with poisoned treats. And not just that, your pet may have food allergies and who other than you would know better! So, teach your pet commands like ‘Leave it’ and ‘No begging’. Once they get familiar with these commands, they wouldn’t dare accept treats from strangers. Practise these exercises when someone offers them treats.

Stay low
Along with a hand gesture, command your pet to stay low. Making your pet familiar with this command can help both of you to overcome situations like when your dog gets into a fight with the other dogs in the colony and is outnumbered. Staying low is the best option and it comes in handy when you want him/her to stay in a place and not make noise or move.

Come & go
Pick an unusual word for these commands because you never know what kind of a situation you and your pet may get into. ‘Come’ and ‘go’ are two words every pet owner must teach their pets. Make use of your hand gesture to make it easier.