Truck symbol eats into votes of TRS

The votes received by an independent candidate were believed to have influenced the outcome of the election in this constituency.

By   |  Published: 13th Dec 2018  12:33 am
Truck symbol in Kamareddy Assembly constituency.

Sangareddy/Kamareddy: What is the difference between a truck and a car? Especially if they are election symbols? The answer to this question appears to have been found by some independent candidates and those from small parties who apparently benefited from some confusion among voters between the ‘car’ of the TRS and the ‘truck’ of the others.

This certainly appeared to be the case in Sangareddy Assembly constituency where a good number of voters cast their votes for an independent candidate who was given truck symbol. The votes received by this candidate were believed to have influenced the outcome of the election in this constituency.

In this constituency, P Ramachandar, an independent with the truck symbol, polled 4,140 votes. Here Congress candidate T Jayaprakash Reddy won with a mere 2,589 votes majority and followers of TRS candidate Chintha Prabhakar who lost the poll, argue that the similarity between the truck and car symbols led to the defeat of their candidate.

Except for Ramachandar, none of the other 10 candidates, save those from Congress, TRS and BJP, received more than 2,000 votes. Even CPI (M) candidate Beeram Mallesham got just 1,340 votes. While Jayaprakash Reddy got 76,562 votes, Prabhakar received 73,983 votes indicating a close contest which TRS workers say could have gone their way had the Election Commission been more careful in allotting symbols to independent candidates.

Meanwhile, in Dubbak constituency, P Mahipal Reddy, another independent candidate also allotted the truck symbol, received over 12,000 votes.

Similar has been the case in Kamareddy, Yellareddy and Jukkal constituencies of Kamareddy district. Many elderly voters and those who could not read, apparently got confused between the car and the truck and went ahead and cast their ballots by pressing the button on EVMs next to the truck symbol.

The beneficiaries of this apparent confusion were Samajwadi Forward Block party and independent candidates. In Kamareddy, M Goverdhan obtained 10,537 votes while at Yellareddy, Talari Balaraju received 9,684 votes. In Jukkal constituency, K Mohan got 7,727 votes.

Between the three of them, they tallied 27,948 votes which TRS leaders said, had an impact on their party candidates. They say that in Kamareddy, TRS candidate Gampa Goverdhan managed to win with a 4,557 vote majority even as the candidate with the truck symbol got 10,537 votes. In addition to the confusion between symbols, the candidate who had the truck as his symbol, was also Goverdhan.

In Yellareddy independent candidate, Talari Balaraju got, 9,684 votes which was more than what the BJP candidate Banala Lakshma Reddy, who polled 6,357 votes. Here TRS party candidate Enugu Ravinder Reddy defeated Congress candidate Surender with 35,148 votes.