Anuradha Thakur depicts different tribes through her art

Be it black-and-white or colour, these paintings bring to light the traditions of tribal life

By Author  |  Published: 16th Jan 2018  11:26 pmUpdated: 16th Jan 2018  7:35 pm

These are the most colourful paintings anyone would come across. The perfect amalgamation of various colour combinations and patterns is what gives the art work a different touch.

Under the bright lights on the walls of Park Hyatt, these paintings come alive and share their own story with the viewers. These paintings bring to light the culture and traditions of the different tribes of our country. Artist Anuradha Thakur says that she was never interested in western art, and after 22 years, she got back to painting to showcase the life of tribals.

When you see the paintings, you will notice how the artist used the white and black combination in her work. “This is the first series of paintings that I have done and the reason behind going for white and black combination is to show the transparency of their life,” she says.

There have been many painting series on the life of tribals. And every visit to a tribal land gave her more subjects to work on. “I was fascinated by their lifestyle and everything that caught my attention, I got it onto my canvas,” she adds. The earthen shades, geometric patterns and the flow have been borrowed from the tribal land.

Be it a black and white or a colourful art work, the synchrony of colours add to the real beauty of the paintings. Anuradha says that the elements one notices in the paintings have a close association with the tribes of India. There are some paintings where you see that the dressing is very simple with no motifs whatsoever, but in another painting, there are floral designs and other patterns.

“This is how the dressing is different — in regions like Rajasthan, clothes have some beautiful embroidery and other things, while in some parts, it is just a normal fabric,” she adds. “I never wanted to show anything distorted, all my paintings are inspired from real-life experiences,” says Anuradha.

Another noticeable aspect in the paintings is the jewellery. Both men and women are sporting some jewellery or the other. The fine lines, shapes and designs introduce different types of ornaments they wear. From bangles to nath to maang tikka, every piece has been finely crafted with her brush.

Titled ‘Colours… The applique of Rhythm’ is a must-see exhibition, which is open for public till January 21.