Try these blazer trends this winter

It's time to bring the bright colours out of your closet and not worry about being too glitzy

By Author  |  Dheeraja Manvi  |  Published: 19th Dec 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 20th Dec 2017  12:18 am

Blazers are considered appropriate for formal wear. Today’s fashion has pushed blazers beyond the formal boundaries. Celebrities like Andrew Garfield sporting the casual look with myriad types of blazers for various occasions; caught the attention of fashionistas.

This winter, blazer trends are to the rescue. There are so many different styles out there to choose from. Here are a few tips to throw in that blazer of yours for a Friday night.

It’s never too glitzy

Basic but dashing! Blazer with a plain t-shirt can never go wrong. This look is open to the idea of accessories which amplifies the party vibe. This is the right time to bring the bright colours out of your closet and not worry about being too glitzy. Pairing your white t-shirt with a blazer of any colour is always a safe bet.

Men in black

So, when you are hesitant about sporting a blazer, try all black. You cannot deny that it’s a classic. Be it a casual day in the office or a party at a pub, this look is a winner. This look goes well with black slim-fit or skinny jeans.

Don’t separate suit from its jacket

Sorry men! Your suit is not multipurpose. Do not try separating suit from its jacket; it is going to be very evident. The structure of the suit is way too fine and it won’t miss eye-for-detail.


You can do the layering as you please. It is no rule that you should wear a blazer on a t-shirt or a shirt. Your layering can have a t-shirt, shirt and denim jacket. Finish the layering with your favourite blazer.


If you think ‘all blazers are the same’, think again! There are endless patterns in the stores for you to choose from. Stripes, checks, structured, unstructured and the list goes on.

So, it’s not splurging when it comes to blazer as it is going places which is beyond the interview room and business meetings.