TSPCB asks industries to pay compensation to fishermen

By Author  |  Published: 12th Oct 2017  8:28 pmUpdated: 12th Oct 2017  8:29 pm

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) has directed 18 industries to pay over Rs. 1 crore towards compensation to Fishermen Co-operative Society for the losses after huge quantity of fishes died in the 287-acre Gandigudem Cheruvu, Ameenpur, Sangareddy district.

Based on the damage valuation submitted by the fisheries department, the TSPCB Member Secretary, P Satyanarayana Reddy on Thursday directed the industries to pay-up Rs.1,03,28,200 as compensation to local fishermen.

PCB also directed 11 industries to pay-up Rs. 40,000 as compensation to be paid to the fishermen for the dead fish in Ayyamma Cheruvu of Gaddapotharam.

In a statement, the PCB officials said that the Task Force Committee set up to enquire the issue of dead fishes that occurred between October 4 and 5, held a hearing on Thursday. As many as 29 industries located in the catchment of the lakes, were called for the hearing. Representatives from Fisheries wing, Fishermen Co-operative Societies of Gandigudem and Gaddapotharam and Central PCB were also present.

The committee examined the analysis reports of the samples collected from both the water bodies, nearby drains and from the industries and concluded that the main reason for the death of fish was due to the contaminated rain water from industries entering the lakes during last week heavy rains.

It took a serious note of the above incidents and directed the industries to submit time bound action plan to handle contaminated seepages from their premises to lakes in two weeks. PCB officials made it clear that stringent action will be taken on industries if they fail to take action.

Action will be taken against individual industries for releasing contaminated water, Reddy said. The District Collector, Sangareddy will hand over the compensation amount to the Fishermen Co-operative Societies.