Tungara Mahoobee on top spot in TS Regatta championship

By Author  |  Published: 10th Jul 2018  10:03 pmUpdated: 10th Jul 2018  11:59 pm
Yacht Club of Hyderabad
Tungara Mahoobee taming the winds in the State sub-junior regatta championship.

Hyderabad: Telangana’s Tungara Mahoobee of Yacht Club of Hyderabad tamed the winds, which ranged between 15 to 18 knots, to claim the honours in the sub-junior section in the Telangana State Regatta championship at Hussain Sagar on Tuesday.

Mahoobee won two races in a row to zoom to the top spot. She is followed by Majji Lalitha and Nookarathnam Lakshmi, who dropped to third with a few bad races and a capsize. Mahoobee is also at third position in the open to claim a bronze if she continues with same forme.

In the sub-junior Open Fleet Chunnu Kumar of Karnataka continued to dominate with Ashish Vishwakarma tailing at a distant second.

In the junior fleet Kankatla Goutham led the Telangana State Regatta for a second year in a row followed by Sanjay Reddy of the Telangana Sports School.

Sub-juniors state: 1. Tungara Mahboobee, 2. Majji Lalitha, 3.Nookarathnam Lakshmi.
Sub-juniors Open: 1. Chunnu Kumar (Kar), 2. Ashish Vishwakarma (MP), 3. Tungara Mahboobee (TS).

Junior State: 1. Kankatla Gautham. 2. Sanjay Reddy, 3. T Ajay
Juniors Open: 1. Ram Milan Yadav (MP), 2. Chitresh Thata (TN), 3. K Goutham (TS).