Tupac Shakur was shot in being sold for $1.7 million

By Author  |  Published: 10th Jan 2020  7:30 pmUpdated: 10th Jan 2020  10:26 pm
Tupac Shakur

The car in which rapper Tupac Shakur was shot dead has gone on sale for a whopping $1.7 million. The 1996 BMW 7 Series motor has been restored after Shakur was gunned down in it in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996, and still sports bullet holes from the four gun shots. He died aged 25, six days after the attack. Now a dealer based in Las Vegas, Celebrity Cars Las Vegas, is selling the car, which comes with a certificate of authentication showing it was originally leased by Death Row Records — which was founded by Suge Knight and legendary producer Dr. Dre. The vehicle’s identification number also matches the one noted on the original lease documents. After Shakur’s murder, Las Vegas Police officials reportedly sold the vehicle at auction, and it then passed through the hands of several collectors. Representatives for the current owners are seeking a $20,000 refundable deposit from any interested buyers ahead of the sale.

‘Send Nudes’: Drivers shocked by road sign’s racy request

Drivers traveling along a Kentucky highway didn’t have to check their direct messages to receive the infamous sexting request: send nudes. An electronic road sign that was hacked early asked drivers on Highway 92 in Pine Knot.  Officials with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said someone had hacked through the password-protected system. The sign belonged to a contractor doing construction work. Driver Tevon Stephens told news outlets he noticed the clearly hacked sign while going to work. It’s unclear how long the message was on the screen. The contractor said none of their employees were involved in the prank.

Lose tongue fat to improve common sleep disorder

Losing weight is an effective treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and now researchers have found that improvements in sleep apnea symptoms appear to be linked to the reduction of fat in the tongue. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to measure the effect of weight loss on the upper airway in obese patients, the study found that reducing tongue fat is a primary factor in lessening the severity of OSA. The researchers next step was to determine if reducing tongue fat would improve symptoms and to further examine cause and effect. The team found that a reduction in tongue fat volume was the primary link between weight loss and sleep apnea improvement. The authors believe that tongue fat is a potential new therapeutic target for improving sleep apnea.


Most meat-eaters admit veganism is ethical

Most meat eaters admit veganism is ethical and good for the environment, researchers have found. The study, looked at public opinion on plant-based diets and found widespread support for the ethics and environmental benefits of veganism and vegetarianism among meat-eaters. The findings from University of Bath, UK, suggest that 7 per cent of meat-eaters surveyed, considered veganism to be ‘ethical’, 70 per cent said it was good for the environment and half (50 per cent) considered it healthy and 60 per cent thought veganism was ‘acceptable’. By contrast, over 80 per cent of respondents thought veganism was not easy, 77 per cent thought it ‘inconvenient’ and over 60 per cent thought it was not enjoyable. Attitudes from respondents towards vegetarianism were significantly more positive on almost all counts. Supermarkets, restaurants, and even fast food outlets have developed numerous high quality and affordable vegan options, the study said. Having direct replacements for the foods people know and like makes it easier for everybody to consume fewer animal products

‘Grease’, ’77 Sunset Strip’ star Edd Byrnes passes away

Actor Edd Byrnes, who has featured in movies like Grease and 77 Sunset Strip, is no more. He was 87. He died of natural causes at his home in California. The statement read: “His is the story of an ambitious young kid who, in his 20s drove out to Hollywood from New York City with a few hundred dollars and a dream of making it big in the entertainment business.” “He soon landed a starring role on the wildly popular TV series 77 Sunset Strip as the cool-talking ‘Kookie.’ He went on to star in dozens of motion pictures and television series popular around the world, including playing the suave and debonaire Vince Fontaine in Grease,” the statement concluded. Byrnes’s career includes a handful of movie and television credits such as: The Secret Invasion, Stardust, Yellowstone Kelly, Troop Beverly Hills, Charlies Angels, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Maverick, Cheyenne, Surfside 6, Murder She Wrote and Married With Children.

Texture of food affects perceptions of healthiness

A new study has demonstrated how food producers can change the surface textures of food products for changing the perception of people and for promoting healthy eating. Researchers investigated the perceptions of 88 people about identical oat biscuits in six different textures. They asked them to rate the biscuits on taste, healthiness, pleasantness, crunchiness, chewiness and the likelihood of purchase on the basis of only their visual appearance, and not on their taste or touch. It found that the surface texture of the biscuits communicated to people about how healthy it was and participants viewed the biscuits having explicit or pronounced texture as healthy. A sweet item, such as a biscuit, benefits from having an appearance as being less healthy as that increases the perception of tastiness and increases the likelihood of purchase. Biscuits having less explicit texture were perceived to be crunchier, tastier and were more likely for people to purchase them.