Twist of contemporary blends 

Indian author brings taste of lassi to London   

By Author  |  Published: 12th Aug 2019  8:45 pm

An Indian entrepreneur-author brought the taste of lassi to London with a special taster session to launch her new book on the Indian drink, popular in Indian restaurants across the UK. Radha Bhatia, chairperson of the Bird Group travel conglomerate, has written Lassis of India – Smoothies with a Twist, an amalgamation of recipes and stories after extensive research to explore the cultural roots, local customs, climate and cuisines behind the drink.

It is a compilation of 17 traditional recipes from various Indian states, blended with the local food and climate. An additional set of 57 recipes involve lassis with a twist prepared with herbs, fruits and nuts.

“The book is meant to revive our age-old elixir to suit modern lifestyles. While unearthing the recipes, it led me to many mythological stories and interesting folklore starting from the mythical story of the origin of Charnamrit (holy water) by churning of the oceans by Gods and Demons and thus making a delightful discovery,” said Bhatia.

“This is the first-ever book that focuses on lassis and also encapsulates its health benefits. Research has shown that probiotics can keep your intestines happy and have a healing effect on the gut walls. They also improve your body’s ability to fight infection, a wonderful quality for any food to have in these polluted times,” she concludes.