2 Hyderabad startups with first Anthill Studio accelerator programme

By Author  |  Business Bureau  |  Published: 5th Dec 2018  8:12 pm

Hyderabad: The first Anthill Studio accelerator programme concluded with two Hyderabad-based startups Woodcutter Film Technologies and NewsPlus showcasing their products along with five other media and entertainment startups. The programme which has been formed by Anthill Ventures and Suresh Productions had handpicked seven startups from 150 applications that they got from all over the world.

All the seven startups went through three-month mentoring programme during which they worked with more than 20 subject-matter experts bringing in-depth experience in business, investment and entrepreneurship. It also assisted startups in meeting their go-to-market plans by generating revenue opportunities, building scalable business models and managing the team dynamics along with access to studio facilities and industry connections. Anthill Ventures and its network of investors have made strategic investments in selected startups for an undisclosed amount.

Prasad Vanga, founder and CEO, Anthill Ventures, said, “Anthill’s commitment to speed scale startups has accomplished another milestone with the successful completion of our latest accelerator programme, Anthill Studio. We are thrilled by the success of the seven startups selected and mentored during the programme.”

Rana Daggubati, actor, producer and investor at Suresh Productions, said, “We are inspired by the creativity demonstrated by the startups during the accelerator programme. Their solutions will radically alter product innovation in the media and entertainment space. It was amazing to witness them build up, grow and scale up their ideas within a short span of time.”

Woodcutter uses artificial intelligence to deploy predictive models in real-time market data to analyse the success of a script, check the correct time to unveil the teaser and trailer among other things. NewsPlus uses AI-based aggregation technologies to develop specialized offerings like online news magazine and white-label apps. Other five startups include ComicFlix, RecoSense, Rooter, Saranyu and Scapic.

Anthill Studio has begun accepting applications for its second accelerator class scheduled to start early next year. Startups are recommended to apply by January 15, 2019 to be considered for the second cohort.