UK education held in high esteem

The country is beginning to give a warmer welcome to Indians than before. Post-Brexit, the UK wants to increase its international student intake levels from 4,60,000 now to 6,00,000 each year by 2030

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UK education held in high esteem
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British schools have a rich history and tradition of providing a world-class education to their students and the UK has been a favourite destination amongst students for many years! Although much is written these days about Indian students going abroad for studies, the trend is hardly new.

Not only Mahatma Gandhi, but also Jawaharlal Nehru crossed the seas in search of learning. So did Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Amartya Sen, Girish Karnak, Manmohan Singh and many other Indians, famous and not-so-famous.

Up until a decade ago, the United Kingdom was the preferred international destination for pursuing higher education for thousands of Indian students. However, the withdrawal of the post-study work visa was attributed with a decline in international student recruitment in the UK from key markets, notably India.

Between 2010-11 and 2016-17, the number of higher education students from India more than halved. With Australia and Canada attracting international students in droves with their easier work and study norms and overtaking the UK as preferred student destination, the new British government is giving serious thought to giving education cooperation the attention it deserves.

The country is beginning to give a warmer welcome to Indians than before. Post-Brexit, the UK wants to increase its international student intake levels from 4,60,000 now to 6,00,000 each year by 2030. UK has decided to re-introduce the two-year post-study work visa for international students, boosting opportunities for talented students to build successful careers there after their education.

UK higher education and qualifications have a remarkable international reputation and the UK degree is recognised by global universities, top employers and government bodies creating huge number of chances to get placed with elite companies. The quality of the universities in the UK means that a student’s degree will be held in high regard by employers the world over, giving a student an edge over other applicants.

As a graduate from a UK university, a student is amongst incredibly talented alum – the British Council estimates that 38 per cent of Nobel Laureates who studied abroad did it in the UK.
UK degrees take less time to attain than degrees in other countries.

Where other countries take at least four years for an undergraduate degree and two or three years for a postgraduate degree; in the UK only takes three years for an undergraduate degree, and one year for a postgraduate (unless you are in research, then it may take 18 months to 2 years). That means that a student is spending less money overall.

On top of that, there are a lot of scholarships, grants, and bursaries available from British universities or certain institutions that are just for international students. Over 20,000 international students also get other financial aid from the UK government and a student can work while a student is studying in the UK as well.

The UK is the gateway to the rest of Europe. If one wants to travel Europe, the UK is the place to be. In the United Kingdom alone, one can travel to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and learn about the different backgrounds and lifestyles in each country. Public transportation makes it simple to travel the entire United Kingdom and take in the sights and sounds. As a student, you can receive special rates for transportation when you buy monthly passes.

Whether it’s the fast-paced lifestyle of London you’re looking for, or the more laid-back culture of Edinburgh, as a prospective international student, you are guaranteed to fall in love with one of the United Kingdom’s many popular study abroad destinations.

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