Of unexpected road trips and jatara

Folk songs, colourfully dressed villagers are among the attractions at the Moola Stambha Tanda in Mahabubnagar

By Author  |  Saurabh Chatterjee  |  Published: 3rd Sep 2017  12:02 amUpdated: 3rd Sep 2017  4:39 pm
FOLK STYLE A group of local women performing their cultural dance, (Left) A beautifully dressed Lambada tribal woman. — Photos: Saurabh Chatterjee

During my travels, I have often come across the most unexpected places during spontaneous trips. It was a trip like this that found us in the quaint village of Moola Stambha Tanda, courtesy our friend Raju who wanted to take us around some offbeat places.

After visiting a few villages and spending time with the locals, we came to know that it was Vyshakha Shudha Ekadashi, an auspicious day which was celebrated with great pomp and gaiety in a village named Moola Stambha Tanda in Mahabubnagar.

We couldn’t seem to find it on the map and had to ask the locals for directions. On the way, we found a beautifully dressed lady working in the fields who belonged to the Lambada tribe. She was quite a beauty and could have given any of the top supermodels a run for their money. She told us that the festival was going to be held at thenearby temple.

People were getting ready for the jatara when we reached. After a quick visit around the houses, we joined the festivities. The temple was a small one and some vendors were selling local sweets, snacks and jalebis.

There were hardly any people around when we arrived, but the crowd grew bigger an hour later and the dance began.

There were about 25 female dancers who formed a circle singing and dancing as they went round, similar to Dandiya.As the songs rose in a crescendo and dancers matched their steps to the beat, the atmosphere became electrified.

We attracted a fair bit of attention since we were taking photographs. Some of the men even took an issue with that and asked us why we were there, but fortunately Raju stepped in and explained quickly.

After an hour watching the festival, we left the place with an amazing experience looking forward to exploring more places on the way home.

Nearby places

You can also visit Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, Jogulamba Temple and Pillala Marri banyan tree which are nearby.

How to reach

Pedda Adirala is at a distance of 80 kms on the NH 44 and 30 kms from Jadcherla. Moola Stambha Tanda is located five kms away. It’s best to drive there since there is limited public transport.


The ideal time to visit the village is during the festival which falls in May, according to the Hindu calendar. The dances and celebrations happen in the afternoon. If you plan to stay the night, Jadcherla is your best option. Carry your own food as there are hardly any places on the way.