Unexplored beauty

Besides being a tourist spot, Ganga Kathuva serves as lifeline for seven villages in Sadasivpet mandal

By   |  Published: 1st Feb 2017  11:10 pmUpdated: 2nd Feb 2017  11:04 am

Ganga Kathuva, a weir located downstream Melgiri Minor Irrigation Project, is a lifeline for seven villages in Sadasivpet mandal and also a must-stop tourist destination to those commuters who pass through NH-65. However, the water body has remained unexplored as a tourism place though it is located quite close to NH-65, the busiest highway that connects Mumbai-Hyderabad, near Sadasivpet.

One can see the water body towards the left side of NH-65 near MRF Limited while proceeding towards Zaheerabad from Sadasivpet. The water always flows downstream from the Ganga Kathuva to fill up the minor irrigation chain-link tanks located in seven villages Atmakur, Venkatapur, Nizampur, Kolpuru, Pottipally, Machireddypally and Anikepally. The minor irrigation tanks located in these villages were a source for irrigation for more than 1,100 acres of land.

Even children are found playing with the overflowing water at the weir and it possesses no danger as the current of water is very slow. As the water here is below the knee level, quite a few young kids get into it under the supervision of their parents to enjoy a pleasant evening.

Ganga Kathuva
J Shivashankar, a local youth, has said that they consider Ganga Kathua as a river beach since there was a sand bed too downstream to the project, where they can play and sit after having a bath under the overflowing water. Though the locals regularly visit the place, it has remained unexplored even today. 

Along with children, elders are also seen playing under the weir. Right now, it is the best time to visit the place as there will be no water from upstream from the end of March, as soon as the harvesting season of Yasangi (Rabhi) paddy commences in district. Rare birds like painted stork, grey herons, Indian cormorants and other species are also sighted at the project.