Urban Sketchers pouring life through a pen

Urban Sketchers Hyderabad provides a platform to art enthusiasts to fill their pages with colour again

By Author  |  Published: 22nd Sep 2019  12:38 amUpdated: 21st Sep 2019  8:01 pm

Most of us are so busy in our day-to-day life that we don’t focus much upon building our passion. With a hidden love for art, we allow daily routines to eat up most of our time and so keep away from lifting a pen and bringing a paper to life. For many such passionate artists in the city, Urban Sketchers Hyderabad brings a solution that you cannot say no to.

The Hyderabad chapter, co-founded by Faraaz Farshori and Ishak Zayi, hosts meetings in and around the city for art enthusiasts to come together and generate art on location.

“The idea was to bring art outside and beyond the boundaries of a studio. We thought we will be able to do that by creating a community which was non-existent in Hyderabad. Slowly we had events and engaged people to come together and make art,” says Faraaz.

“For 20 years, I have not lifted a pen to draw myself. Though I was a Rajiv Gandhi Award winner for sketching and painting, I had given up because of my own career and other responsibilities. So was the case with Ishak. We then decided to find our calling which is art and also help others find their callings as well using this platform,” adds Faraaz, regional admin of the group.

Wondering where these art enthusiasts meet? Any cool location like Durgam Cheruvu, Qutb Shahi tombs, Errum Manzil, Mecca Masjid, Yousuf Tekri Bungalow, Masjid-e-Falaknuma and the list goes on. Throwing some light on the history of these locations and also making an attempt to retain their beauty, Urban Sketchers live the bygone era of these buildings in a creative way.

These artists make art pieces on the location or anything that is at the moment and not from memories or photos. There are around 200 members in the community who meet often and create a wonderful image of what they see. The group has also helped the conservation of various spots in the city with the help of their sketches.

“There are groups like Heritage India which usually needs messages from public about how a few things are not working right. This message is more effective in the form of art work. We sketch a different picture of how beautiful the place is but on the contrary we show photographs of the real plight of it. These help more than just informing the conservationists for a quick response,” says Faraaz.

Beyond providing a platform for all the art lovers, the community also directs many who want to make art as a profession but are unaware about the path.

“Most of the times, people don’t see art as a career. There is very niche crowd that chooses it as a profession. The reason is because there is no awareness that you can earn through your art as well. Through the contacts of the community, these members rub shoulders with professional artists who guide them towards achieving avenues,” says Faraaz.

Apart from making art every weekend, Urban Sketchers Hyderabad also hosts various workshops on different types of art in the city. To catch up with them log, on to https://www.facebook.com/urbansketchershyd/ .